Sat May 25 2019


The Leader in Black Liberation


Like every other political, bureaucratic and public agency within America's systemic structure; the three branches of government, the judicial system, the financial systems, health and educational systems that have been exposed for their corruption, divine justice is now coming for the Police Departments.

The curse of a one dimensional conscious is the process of one or more natural human emotions being suppressed and giving way to the opposite human emotion. For instance, a person could feel no sympathy for a hunted and killed deer and give all praise to the hunter for making the kill, yet some people would feel sympathy toward the deer and animosity toward the hunter.

Between the years of 1917 and 1970, more than six million Blacks moved from the south to the north after Reconstruction in what is known as the Great Migration. Many scholars claim economic opportunity was behind the move, but blatant and violent racism that came with the Jim Crow laws powered Blacks to leave the south to find more diversity and tolerance in the north.