Sun July 21 2019


The Leader in Black Liberation



Posted on 20 Jul 2019

The purpose of the United Nations is for the leaders of countries to come together and discuss issues that face the world. Of the 7 billion people and 195 countries of the world, this organization is needed and is a logical step toward maintaining order; their job is to set the rules for the world.



Posted on 15 Jul 2019

Children should always come first for care in any society. The concept of family testifies to that fact. But when mothers and fathers fall victim to dangerous lifestyles and lose control of their ability to function as a parent, the children suffer.



Posted on 11 Jul 2019

A few weeks ago Trump threatened to unleash a deportation force on a Sunday morning. Civil rights groups, Democrats, and many other concerned people freaked out claiming cruelty and injustice. Trump pulls back and says to avoid the raids the democrats must fork over a few billion dollars to help the crises at the border.



Posted on 10 Jul 2019

Using a form of twisted, BS logic, white folks will justify and rationalize their cruelties and oppression; they have been doing it for years. They justified the genocide of millions of Native Americans and brutality of Africans because they seen them as savages, thus gave them the right to treat as savages.



Posted on 07 Jul 2019

The point of protesting is to stop injustice and forced intrusion on people’s rights. Usually the masses of the people are the ones protesting a move by a major power structure such as the government or corporation. People who make laws to neutralize protesters are cowards and cheaters.


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The object of dividing the nations and cultures onto their own lands and in their own environment was so humanity could live in peace with one another. So when white folks insist on a segregated society, they must realize and understand that until they themselves return to the place of the Caucasus Mountains, there will never be peace on earth.

In the near future a power outage happens across the United States that darkens three quarters of US cities and the majority of rural America. Authorities scramble to find the reason for the black out while rumors and theories are spread from coast the coast.

Making money at any expense has become the common norm, and cuts across every socioeconomic class, race, and age group. It is an addiction for some and a life-long necessity for others. Earning money by corporate or self-employment is by nature a contribution to the advancement of society so people are taught from their youth the necessity of working and earning a living. But the work/life balance over the past 50 years has been tilted toward the work end, ultimately neglecting the life end of the scale.